Steel Castings Capabilities

Sivyer Steel Casting capabilities include a vertically integrated steel foundry offering our customers a wide range of options that can be tailored to meet their casting needs and specifications.  Whether it be a simple shaped, low carbon, normalize heat treatment casting, to a complex piece of military armor, with a high strength alloy requiring quench & temper, we have the capability and capacity to deliver.

We offer design for manufacturability advice, utilizing proven foundry engineering principles partnered with solidification modeling software to develop pattern equipment with robust gating and risering for producing high integrity steel castings.

Along with all the typical core making, molding, melting and finishing capabilities, we also provide in-house heat treating, extensive internal non-destructive testing including x-ray, machining and pattern repair services.

Sand Casting Capabilities

It’s all about the process. According to the American Foundry Society (AFS), about 70% of castings are produced through Sand Casting and that is what we do!  Of course, there are other ways to cast steel and we are happy to evaluate the optimal method for your casting.

In short, sand casting is the most efficient and cost-effective way of manufacturing a steel casting for the shapes and sizes that we make.  It allows for intricate shapes whether internal or external to the part.  Additionally, since we, unlike many competitors, are willing to work with companies on a prototype basis, sand casting offers the most economical path.

Our Sand-Casting Capabilities have been honed for over 100 years and we have the expertise to work with you and determine if sand casting is your best solution.

Value Added Capabilities

Primarily our value-added capabilities include heat treating, welding, machining and painting.  But in addition to these, a major strength of our organization is the use of our Odyssey ERP system.  See our Quality Overview (link) to understand how this contributes to your success.

We can provide casting in weights from 200 to 22,000 pounds.

Essentially, however the equipment we use provides the best value to our customers.

Casting Equipment

Melting & Pouring

  • (3) 10-ton Electric Arc Furnaces, Basic Lined
  • 10-ton bottom pour ladles, capable of double pouring into one mold

Core Room

  • 350 lb/min Palmer Mixer with phenolic ester binder
  • 100 lb/min Palmer Mixer with phenolic urethane binder

Molding (both phenolic ester binder)

  • Job Floor Molding
    • 2000 lb/min Kloster Mixer
    • 148” x 204” 48”/48” Flask Size
  • Loop Molding
    • 1200 lb/min Tinker Omega Mixer
    • 72” x 104” 36”/36” flask size
  • Sand System
    • Thermal & Mechanical Reclamation
    • Olivine & Chromite Sands on all Mixers


  • Rough and Finish Cleaning
  • Weld Upgrade
  • Dimensional Gauge Grinding
  • Straightening/Pressing
  • Shot Blasting

Non-Destructive Evaluation

  • 4 MeV Linear Accelerator X-Ray Machine
  • 20,000 Amp Multi Directional Magnaflux power supply
  • 12,000 Amp Multi Directional Magnaflux power supply
  • 10,000 Amp Bench Type Magnaflux unit
  • 3 Portable UT Flaw Detectors capable of DAC, TVG & DGS type inspections

Rough Machining

  • Vertical turning up to 144” diameter
  • Horizontal and Vertical Milling capabilities

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