Sand Casting Alloys

There are several hundred alloys of steel that can be produced.  Where some foundries can produce them all, we focus in on the handful of alloys that fit our capabilities best.  We know what we are good at, and we do them well.

If you don’t see an alloy on this list, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will see if there it is a possibility, or another material that could provide the same properties.  Let our metallurgist discuss your options with you.  Whether it is a low carbon mild steel, to military grade armor, we offer a wide range of materials with properties to fit your needs.

Alloy List

Carbon Steel — Strengths up to 70ksi
Typcial Use Specification
Structual components ASTM A27
High-Temp Service ASTM A216
Low-Temp Service ASTM A352
Low Alloy Steel — Strengths from 80 to 150+ ksi
Typcial Use Specification
Structual components ASTM A148
High-Temp Service ASTM A217
High-Temp Service ASTM A732
Low-Temp Service ASTM A352
Pressure Service ASTM A487
Austentic Manganeese Steel
Typcial Use Specification
Mining/Wear Components ASTM A128
Railroad AREA
Military Spec
Typcial Use Specification

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