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While many foundries may frown upon prototype steel casting work, at Sivyer Steel, we do not.  We welcome the opportunity to building lasting relationships with our customers, both existing and new.  High quality prototype castings start with design.  It is highly important that the customer’s design team and the Sivyer engineering staff spend as much time as possible in this initial stage as it will ultimately affect the quality and success of the end-product. Drawings and models are shared back and forth and with today’s technology, virtual meetings can speed up the process of discussing design options.  We are also accustomed to providing update presentations to show project progress so that customer management teams are comfortable that expectations and timelines are being met. Once a design is decided upon, there are several options to make prototype castings, including:
  • Producing a traditional pattern
  • Making a foam pattern for one- time use
  • Or we could use 3D, additive or subtractive manufacturing technologies to design molds and cores to make the first casting
The decision on which prototyping process to use depends on the future potential of the project, each having their own pros and cons.  It’s our job to explain to the customer these pros/cons, along with the costs and completion time to meet their needs before we move into a limited production run.

Limited Production Run

For example, it is expensive to build a high-quality pattern for a 1- or 2-piece casting project for these short runs.  Alternatives include foam patterns or 3D print, both which offer cost effective solutions, particularly if the future of the casting need is unknown.

Additionally, Sivyer Steel offers onsite UT, MT, and X-Ray testing whereby we can complete all necessary inspections for the customer for a prototype casting.  In short, we are interested in providing the service of prototyping along with the casting itself.

Some foundries won’t take the time to provide and develop all this with a customer, but we do.  We have made castings with no orders to ever repeat.  Although this is not ideal, we are here to serve you, our customers!

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