Maritime Steel Casting

Marine Steel Castings 

Our customers rely on our expertise to help them develop effective designs and tooling that will produce maritime castings of high integrity and functional performance. Our in-house engineering and vertically integrated manufacturing combine to offer our customers a true value proposition. 

Several Navy and Coast Guard Vessels utilize structural hull castings and marine castings produced at Sivyer Steel. Stem bars, stern tubes, shaft struts, rudder bearings, bow chocks, and anchors all require steel casting applications, with a wide range of testing and inspection requirements. 

Marine Steel Casting Operations

Marine Steel Casting Operations may seem simplistic in many ways, but the associated skills required to make products right for you is what makes the difference. Those necessary skills can be found right inside our operations with primary capabilities which includes:

  • Casting, Engineering & Design 
  • Pattern Making 
  • Core & Mold Making 
  • Melting and Pouring 
  • Cleaning & Finishing 
  • Non-destructive Testing 

Additionally, we offer a host of other value-added services that make our operation right for you. 

Certifications & Inspections 

  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified 
  • ABS Foundry and Process Approval for Steel Castings 
  • ASNT Level III in RT, MT, & UT overseeing all NDT activities 
  • NDT Personnel qualified per ASNT SNT TC-1A 
  • NAVSEA Welding to S9074-AQ-GIB-010-248 
  • Radiography to ASTM E94, E1030, & E1742 
  • Wet and Dry Magnetic Particle Inspection to ASTM E709 & E1444 
  • Ultrasonic Testing to ASTM A609, DIN 12680-1 & -2 
  • Visual Surface Standards to MSS SP-55, & ASTM A802 utilizing SCRATA comparator plates 

Whether it be 1 marine casting or 100, we tailor the casting buying experience to whatever the customer needs. Every element of the steel casting process is captured and controlled by our data collection system, integrated on the production floor. We offer our customers on-site pattern repair and maintenance as well as secure, off site, protected pattern storage. With castings up to 20,000 lbs, we produce a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit many applications, including the mining, construction, military, railroad, maritime, and energy industries. As a century old foundry, we have the experience to fully comprehend the requirements and standards for each customer’s application, to ensure only the highest quality is delivered. 

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