Steel Casting Machining

Machining Steel Castings is an integral part of what we do at Sivyer Steel in order to make it as convenient and full service as possible for our customers.  Our in-house machine shop can support our finishing department by providing rough turning, milling and boring of our steel castings.

We use our machine shop as an extension of our cleaning room.  We can efficiently remove material to shape the castings back to form from the required addition of risers and feed material.  When possible, it is more efficient to remove this through machining than manual processes such as arc-air gouging and grinding.

Rough machining, as we refer to it, allows us to true up surfaces for finish machining, making your setups easier and faster.  By removing the outer layer, the “bark” as we describe it, lets us complete future inspections closer to the finished machined surfaces, in turn reducing the chances for defects uncovering at final machining.  This also leaves less machine stock for our customer to remove.  

When Ultrasonic Inspection is required, rough machining the feature prepares the surface by providing a smooth surface for this inspection instead of manual grinding/buffing.

Turning Milling Boring

With our rough machining equipment and capabilities, we can provide different procedures including turning, milling and boring.  In short, turning allows us to remove material from the external surface of a cylindrical product, while boring removes material from the internal surface.  Milling is similar to turning but dependent on part configuration can be shifted on variable axes.

In the end it’s all about giving you the product you desire, allowing you to seamlessly process it further or use it in the final application.

Finish Machining

Additionally, we can offer our customers certain fully machined castings completed either internally at our machine shop or sourced externally at one of our machining partners.  Just like our heat treat sourcing we have established relationships with outside vendors and take full responsibility for the final quality of the product managing the entire process for you with any offset cost included in our original quote.

We do some finish machining for very niche markets.  Please specify your requirements and inquire during the quoting process to determine the best way to meet your needs.

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