Industry Applications

Foundry Industry Applications

We develop custom steel castings and components for clients in industries that include government, private, and public sectors. Research and strong relationships with each of these industries provides us with great insight into the challenges and needs for product improvement.

We thrive on the challenges presented by solving new problems. That’s why we welcome the opportunity to overcome problems and improve processes in every new business and industry we engage. If you have specific steel casting needs, please contact us so we can learn more about your application.

Our current areas of specialty include:

Military Castings

Sivyer Steel Castings has enjoyed a long partnership with the defense industry, and has a public/private partnership with the Rock Island Arsenal JMTC.

Energy Applications

Sivyer Steel Castings produces and manufactures blade rings used in stationary power generation.

Railroad Castings

Sivyer Steel Castings is the first new company to be AAR certified in the past 50 years. For the railroad industry we can produce couplers and knuckles, side frames, and bolsters.

Wear Parts

Sivyer Steel Castings is at the heart of wear parts used by the recycling industry, shredding metal, compacting cars and preparing metal to re-enter the manufacturing stream, reducing landfill waste in the process.

Pump & Valves

Our components play a key role in fuel storage, transport and management throughout the supply chain.

Oil & Gas

Sivyer Steel Castings' castings are used by oil exploration and manufacturing companies worldwide to secure, pump and control petroleum resources from well to refinery.


Our above-ground mining castings include tumblers, idlers, racks, latch bars, and inserts. Additionally, Sivyer Steel Castings has manufactured below-ground mining casting including arms, trapping shoes, and cutter heads.

Construction Castings

Sivyer Steel Castings makes durable wear components for large scale construction equipment that is in high demand worldwide.

Perimeter Security

Our materials are strong enough to serve as bollards or other perimeter security components protecting our nation’s Capitol throughout Washington, D. C.


Sivyer Steel Castings products have been used on the knuckles, links, and stern buckles for tractors.