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Sivyer Steel Castings LLC produces medium to large steel castings of various chemistries for a wide range of customers and market segments.  Our customers rely on our expertise to help them develop effective designs and tooling that will produce castings of high integrity and functional performance.  Our in-house engineering and vertically integrated manufacturing combine to offer our customers a true value proposition.

Our current markets served include:


Sivyer provides a variety of components for both surface mining equipment and underground mining equipment. Many of the parts are cast from Manganese steel which is the material of choice for high wear castings found in the undercarriage of mining machinery. 



Our facility has been a supplier of Armor Steel to the US military since the early 1950’s. We are also certified to produce Armor castings for the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Components include hull covers, drive housings and axle castings as examples.


Sivyer has developed a partnership with multiple customers for Manganese trackwork components. Also, castings used in passenger rail applications, including undercarriage bogies, are produced.

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Several Navy and Coast Guard Vessels utilize structural hull castings produced at Sivyer Steel. Stem bars, stern tubes, shaft struts, rudder bearings, along with anchors & shanks are made for several different applications.

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The large compressor castings found in stationary power generators are the perfect fit for our capabilities. These exhaust cases and blade rings require significant amounts of pre-machining and are specified to high levels of quality and internal soundness. We have the processes and machinery in –house to produce castings with high integrity requirements.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

This market segment requires castings that are used for both the exploration of and transport of these natural resources. Our steel castings can be found on drilling equipment both land based and off-shore. We are also involved in producing a variety of valves and components used in the pumping and transportation of oil and gas.


Sivyer Steel provides castings used in the metal recycling industry. Many of these high wear parts are also specified to be made out of Manganese steel. The larger components are produced domestically and many of the smaller more competitive commodity parts are imported by Sivyer from China.


Construction Equipment

Sivyer’s steel castings are used in a wide variety of equipment used for home construction, road construction, and commercial construction. The parts can be found in the undercarriage as well as the booms and shovel sections of the equipment.

Perimeter Security

We are proud to be the producer of the majority of the bollards that can be seen installed around and protecting several of our national monuments in Washington D.C. These security devices are tested to extreme impacts to be sure that no common vehicle can penetrate the perimeter of these monuments and deface a national treasure.

Perimeter Security

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