Steel Casting Quality

Quality is more than certain industry standards, an ISO Certification system, or just one person.  It is a TEAM of people that drive it into the product from the beginning.  Knowing the “ins and outs” of the entire process, how it flows to the customer and how the changes we make in molding and pouring affect the castings in finishing and with the customer are all keys to success. 

In a competitive global market, we must provide superior quality and service to win over our customers.  Our process control and plant wide Odyssey ERP system help drive quality all the way down to the hourly employee.  We develop a detailed process control plan for each of our customer’s castings and that information is available to our employees at their workstations via over 30 remote terminals located throughout the plant.

It doesn’t matter if there are limited quality specs from the customer or the most stringent Military requirements, with potential government source inspections at every step of the way, we ensure the highest quality is in our castings.

Additionally, we will also pursue new qualifications if needed to meet customer requirements.  We take the time to investigate where the castings are used, where they get machined, how the castings are used, so we can understand to the fullest extent what the customer is expecting, and what is most important to them.

We don’t just produce castings to the drawing and our company specific quality standards, like some high production foundries.  We tailor the casting buying experience to whatever the customer needs.  Every element of the casting process is captured by our data collection system and each casting has a unique serial number cast into it and is traceable through the entire process.  Also, we offer our customers on-site pattern repair and maintenance as well as secure, protected pattern storage off site.  Quality patterns produce quality castings, and we strive to keep our customers tooling in conditions ready to mold on short order notice.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Becoming ISO 9001:2015 Certified is a rigorous process which define the quality standards with which a company operates.  It requires the development of a Quality Management System (QMS) that reports on its internal processes, procedures, and standards.  These procedures and policies that promote the quality of products and services through various inspection methods must be formalized and these standards must be maintained over time.

The goal is to improve customer experience and satisfaction, while promoting a culture that is geared toward growth and continuous improvement.  Ultimately it works toward reassuring customers that the company has established a robust Quality Management System.

TEQA 2030

In 2013, Sivyer gained TEQA 2030 certification for production of Armor steel castings for the Israeli Ministry of Defense.   At the time, Sivyer Steel was the only USA based foundry to gain this certification.  Rigorous testing and research was conducted, from material development to ballistic testing before the certification was granted.

Gaining this certification has allowed production of castings for the NAMER armored personnel carrier which among other things has made us a premier steel casting foundry.

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