Casting Design Engineering

Sivyer engineers can provide foundry specific suggestions for improving the manufacturability in order to produce a quality casting.  Foundry work is not for everyone; we understand that.  Your casting design team knows the fundamentals of our process but has other responsibilities and expertise to your company.  This is where Sivyer can be a partner in helping drive your design from acceptable to innovative in a way that is cost effective.

Additionally, we can evaluate existing designs and work toward driving down costs.  By considering the entire foundry process, we can make suggestions to improve “castability” and yield a better casting for both of us.

In other words, our custom design and engineering services takes our customers’ blueprint and make it better.  We work with our customers from concept through production as partners in meeting your needs.

Developing the Method and Pattern Equipment

During this process, we develop the cores and pattern equipment needed to produce a quality casting.  The skill required to do this has been proven by Sivyer Steel and tested over our 100 years of being in business.

Our patterns can be made from wood, plastic or metal (typically aluminum).  The material we select depends upon the goal of optimizing the overall process, considering the estimated annual usage (EAU) and what molding equipment we will use.

Mold Pouring Simulation

The pouring and solidification of each casting is simulated utilizing the customer’s 3D models, by means of MAGMAsoft software prior to the first casting being poured.  This simulation software models the castings process to predict defects in the castings before we move into production.

The quality of steel castings is driven by the design of the pattern equipment, the optimization of the entire process and reproduction of manufacturing conditions.  By utilizing simulation software, we can take several variables into account and develop the best overall casting process.

This software ensures all potential casting and solidification defects can be identified and engineered out before proceeding to the pouring of the molten metal into the mold.  This optimizes the production process and allows us to produce high quality steel castings for you.

Among the many advantages, using this software will allow us to:

  • Predict the optimization of gating/rigging for improved steel cleanliness and surface quality
  • Eliminate shrinkage and porosity while maintaining high yield levels
  • Prevent convection and segregation effects during critical phases of cooling
  • Minimize the risk of hot tearing and dimensional tolerances

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