Machining / Value Add

Machining Foundry

We take value a step beyond


Having a full-service operation in-house is vital to providing our customers with value. Sivyer Steel Castings can provide either pre-qualified castings or a fully machined finished product. Our machining capabilities include milling, drilling, grinding, boring, and turning. Specifically, our vertical turning lathe can turn up to 144 inches in diameter.

Additonal Value Add

At Sivyer Steel Castings we offer customers a benefit that goes beyond steel. It’s the benefit of our combined experience and the dedication to providing our best effort to achieve your goals. It’s hard to quantify and easy to underestimate.

What, exactly, is it worth when a supplier really listens, making sure that they understand more than your specifications? We honor the specifications, but we go a step beyond, working to understand what you consider an optimal outcome and building that into our processes. It factors into our design and engineering, resulting in innovative solutions and improvements. It defines the manufacturing process: the way we pour, treat and machine. And it becomes undeniably clear in the care we take to ensure quality through the most extensive and technically advanced non-destructive evaluation processes in the industry.

When you become a Sivyer Steel Castings customer, you can rest assured that your product will meet all specifications, but you’ll also enjoy value that extends beyond the product in ways that materially improve your bottom line.

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