Engineering Foundry


Sivyer Steel Castings engineers are skilled in the architectures, mechanisms, and calculations for controlling the output of the casting process. Our team employs process control enhanced by their use of Odyssey™ and MAGMAsoft™ software.


Sivyer Steel Castings was one of the first steel foundries in North America to implement MAGMAsoft™ software. This program gives our engineers the ability to accurately predict inherent foundry defects on 3-D computer models, allowing our team to correct and eliminate those defects before the tooling is complete. With this program Sivyer Steel Castings can simulate the mold filling, cooling, and solidification processes. Castings come out right the first time, with very few rejections. In 1994 a Siyver Steel Castings computer simulation expert received national recognition as the leading practitioner of MAGMAsoft technology in North America.


Odyssey™ is a shop floor data collection system that is implemented through data terminals. Operators have real time access to controlled documents relating to each step in the process, and the terminals are strategically located through the entire facility. The Odyssey™ software links internal and external documents, making shift changes, and process supervision more streamlined and consistent.

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