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State of the Art Technologies

Sivyer Steel Castings is a vertically integrated foundry, allowing us to offer a full line of production services – ranging from the most cutting-edge and advanced techniques to perfecting those that have been around for hundreds of years. Our facility supports all steps of the casting process including:


Sivyer Steel Castings' molding capacity supports castings that range from 50 pounds to 24,000 pounds. Our facility offers flasked and flaskless airset molding lines with a variety of continuous mixers. With some mixers producing up to 2,000 pounds per minute, we are able to meet most volume requirements.

Three highly evolved mixers at Sivyer Steel Castings– for large castings, medium castings and one for smaller parts, use state-of-the-art Smart Pump binder technology. The mixers are programmable to specific parts, calculating the exact mixture and placement of chromite, silica, olivine, and zircon sands. 

The mixing process is supported by a vibratory compaction system, giving Sivyer Steel Castings the capability to create molds for complex pieces. A new thermal reclamation system combined with a previously installed mechanical reclamation system allows Sivyer Steel Castings to reuse 80% of the sand in our facility, which has reduced disposal costs while improving casting quality and sand expansion characteristics. 

Core Making

Our core room is an efficient complement to the demands of our molding lines. Core making is an important branch in any foundry and the choice of core making depends on various factors. Foundry core making performance is raised to a new level with Pep Set and Alpha Set binding technology. Designed to provide superior performance in various shop conditions, the binders provide more consistency in mold and core making. The resins are lower in viscosity, increasing sand flow and improving the surface finish of the casting.


Melting furnaces vary in configuration and can be any size, ranging from a few pounds to many tons. They are designed according to the type and quantity of metals to be melted. Sivyer Steel Castings performs melting operations in three 10-ton Basic Lined Arc furnaces, with each furnace capable of producing up to 24,000 lb. heats.


Sivyer Steel Castings has many finishing options to modify different sized steel castings. A large casting finishing expansion allowed us to incorporate the state-of-the-art Magnaflux capability. Our surface finishing capabilities include burning, arc air, welding, grinding, blasting, and pressing. Sivyer Steel Castings' welders are certified to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section 9 and are supervised by our in-house welding engineering staff.

Non-Destructive Evaluation

To continue manufacturing products of an unmatched quality, you have to have access to the science and data behind the products. We use a triangular approach to testing at Sivyer Steel Castings that blends ultrasonic, radiography, and physical testing in our lab.

The radiographic analysis looks for discontinuities like shrinkage, gas, porosity, and sand inclusions. All inspections are conducted by Level III SNT-TC-1A certified personnel. We use a 4MV Linear Accelerator that can x-ray through 13 inches of solid steel. Magnetic particle inspection using a state-of-the-art 20,000 amp wet particle machine, dye penetrant exams, or ultrasonic testing serve as the final step to ensure a quality casting.

Our laser scanning technology works in tandem with the state-of-the-art Romer Portable 3D Coordinate Measurement System. The six axis measuring arm provides accurate and specific dimensional analysis. We can scan both castings and patterns to compare against the initial 3D model, validating the planning process.

Metallurgical Lab Analysis and Tests

The physical testing in our metallurgical lab works in conjunction with highly evolved technological processes to help ensure that our products are meeting and exceeding industry performance standards. Examples of testing done in our lab include:

• A quantitative analysis of 22 elements including Nitrogen
• Tensile testing
• Hardenability
• Metallography
• Macroetching
• Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)


Having a full-service operation in-house is vital to providing our customers with value. Sivyer Steel Castings can provide either pre-qualified castings or a fully machined finished product. Our machining capabilities include milling, drilling, grinding, boring, and turning. Specifically, our vertical turning lathe can turn up to 144 inches in diameter.

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