Our Operations

Sivyer Steel Castings is a vertically integrated foundry. That means that we can easily create a customized production cycle perfectly tailored to your needs.

It all starts with skilled engineers and the tools that allow them to define and manage tasks from design through some of our industry’s most exacting quality control. They have CAE, CAM and CAD systems at the ready, Pro-E™ modeling, pattern engineering, MAGMAsoft™ simulation tools and various forms of NDT/NDE.

When it comes to welding, our welders are certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (section 9) and are supervised by an in-house welding engineering staff.

We maintain state of the art non-destructive evaluation capabilities that include radiographic analysis, laser scanning and ultrasonic testing. Radiographic testing looks for any inconsistencies in material, and all quality inspections are performed by level 3 SNT-TC-1A certified personnel. All tests compare both parts and castings with the original 3D planning model to ensure consistency and uniformity.

Sivyer Steel Castings also maintains a full-service machine shop in-house. This allows us to provide either pre-qualified castings or a fully machined, finished product.