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We are a vertically integrated foundry and provide services from engineering and prototype to customized production cycle tailored to your needs.

Steel Casting

We are a Full-Service Steel Casting Foundry

Manganese Steel Casting

Manganese steel is a low strength but tough and ductile cast steel. As the material increases in hardness, the abrasion resistance also increases. Compared to carbon steel castings, this derived capability proves worthy of some of the most demanding product applications.


Casting Design Engineering

Our foundry engineers have the knowledge and tools to turn any design from a concept, into a prototype, and eventually a production casting.


Sand Cast Making and Molding

Core and Mold making are at the heart of every foundry. From simple to complex, we utilize a variety of processes to produce molds ready for pouring.


Steel Melting

Scrap metal, foundry returns, and alloying elements are combined in Electric Arc Furnaces to produce heats of molten steel to customer specifications.


Casting Finishing

After molding and pouring, all castings have several process steps to make them ready for delivery.


Industrial Heat Treating

Compared to most cast metals, steel castings utilize a multitude of heat treatments to achieve a wide array of mechanical properties.


Casting Machining

Machining and welding of steel castings can offer many application and design benefits to customers compared to other cast metals.


Steel Casting Capabilities

As a premier vertically integrated Steel Casting Company which began its operations over 100 years ago, in addition to the full-service items listed above, we offer our customers a wide range of options that can be tailored to meet customers’ needs and specifications.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

“The Sivyer Steel team provides a high level of customer service, quality and technical support. The individual expertise within Sivyer is unmatched in the steel casting industry and is key in delivering the level of quality and support I have come to expect from Sivyer Steel.”

Robert M.

“As a casting buyer for over 20 years, I have found Sivyer Steel Castings to be among the most reliable, quality conscious, and cost competitive foundries in the US.

Sivyer’s technical capability, coupled with their comprehensive in house non-destructive testing, has set them apart from other foundries and enabled us to have complete confidence in the castings that we purchase.

I definitely would recommend Sivyer Steel for your casting needs.”

President, Ship Building Company


Industries Served

The industries we serve includes, but are not limited to:

  • Mining
  • MIlitary
  • Railroad
  • Maritime
  • Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Recycling
  • Construction
  • Perimeter Security

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